Ten Things That Make Life Worth Living

Rarely do we stop and consider what makes our
lives worth living. For each of us, there are things
that elevate our days above the mere grind for
survival. Yes, there are so many things that can
make us joyful or give us a good laugh. There
are small comforts and beautiful surprises. But,
there are also a handful of things that truly make
us feel as if we have carved out a unique and
blissful place in the world. Below is my list of
ten things that make life worth living:

1. The Novels of Dostoyevsky
2. Indie Rock
3. Ghiradelli Chocolate Bars
4. The way a cat curls up into a ball while napping
5. Woodland Trails
6. The search for truth
7. Sunlight dancing off the waves of the Puget Sound
8. Snow
9. Blogs
10. The love of a woman

So, I hope you all too will stop to reflect upon this
subject, and maybe make a list of your own. If you
do, I also hope you will post it in your blog and
encourage others to do the same thing. This is
something I think everyone ought to do at least
once in their lives.

Copyright 2010 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “Ten Things That Make Life Worth Living

  1. Outstanding post…I agree and I have also started a “bucket” list of sorts and will give thought to your “worth” living list. Once thoughts of such a list begins…truth must set in!



  2. It has never occured to me to even think about this. What makes MY life worth living.

    I like it!

    One major thing for me is the beauty of the world around me.
    I guess I’m kind of a nature freak though.



  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! 🙂 I really appreciate it. I’m glad you liked my poem. I’m going to make a list as well; thanks for the inspiration! I’ll also link it back to your blog. 🙂



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