Fiduciary Poem

In the earliest, darkest hours,
We hold sure to our ideals.
By daybreak, we look out
Over more democratic scapes.

In the afternoon, finance shines
Down upon us through breaks
In the passing cloud formations.

By evening, we retire from all
Our worldly dealings, and
At the stroke of midnight,
We are shameless paupers.

(Wealth like a clock uncoils.)

Copyright 2010 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Fiduciary Poem

  1. it’s a shame that democracy is the best thing we’ve come up with.
    I really think plato was on to something…

    I also like how you make obvious the fact that wealth only means what people make it mean.
    which means we can make it mean something different.

    democracy’s just getting in the way.
    as usual.

    tasty stuff, as always.


    1. Not a fan of democracy, are ya?…what I think is interesting about Democracy that people don’t know is that it was conceived in order to forestall revolutions…Revolts against government lead to a messy turning over of power and it disrupts the order of things, especially the economic order…Without democracy there is no capitalism and no real wealth…other than natural resources anyway…There will always be those to fight over…


      1. see, i think that democracy is mob rule.
        that’s my problem.
        because the average person really has no idea what’s going on.

        Which is fine. But the people making decisions should.

        But, see, politicians are elected by the people.
        who don’t really care about what’s going on,
        they just want their lives to be happy.

        Which, again, is fine.

        But it makes the politicians really good at making empty promises.
        because people don’t care about results, they care about comfort.
        and so our leaders get good at giving comfort without giving results.

        So there needs to be a different sort of election system.
        a college degree is required, or something.

        I know, that has problems with it. I don’t wanna create an “uneducated class.”

        But really, something needs to be done.
        I’m not sure what.
        But I’m thinking.

        Anyway, moral of the story is that i think capitalism can exist without democracy.
        the common person just needs to recognize that he or she doesn’t really know what’s going on.

        Feel free to learn about it though.

        … but this is all just my opinion.


      2. Well said…Personally, I’ve thought we need to more moderating “panels” of experts to have the final say on government decisions…like the Supreme Court or the Central Bank…we could use more bodies like those…


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