The Title Is Not The Poem

Oh, flashy title, bait on the hook,
Thrusting at the fickleness of the eye,
You do to a thousand men and women
What my words only do to a single one.

Yet, I cringe and turn from you.
Your novelty giveth but then taketh away,
And when I want someone in my life
I want them to stay.

Copyright 2010 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.



3 thoughts on “The Title Is Not The Poem

  1. Makes me think of “Oh cool, they’re making a live-action version of ‘The Last Airbender'” … “OMG WTF was that crap?!”. Except in reverse. And also except that I haven’t actually seen either the cartoon or the movie and am just echoing other people’s complaints. And also except that I’m probably not making any sense.


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