The People Have Spoken

Dear President Obama,

We the people are angry, and we had no choice but to deal you a devastating blow this past Tuesday. Sorry about that, but these things happen sometimes. Sitting on our hands wasn’t an option, so we found a creative way to express our frustration.

Look, we’re not your friend. We’re not your enemy either . . . . How should we explain ourselves? Well, you could say we’re more like the husband who when his wife asks what he wants for dinner, he says that he doesn’t care, and when his wife lists off some options, he says he doesn’t want any of those. Then, when his wife asks why he said he didn’t care if he obviously does care, he responds: “I don’t know what I want, but I sure know what I don’t want.”

That’s how we feel. We don’t like the way things are. We don’t really know how things should be, but we know they should be better. Until you find the right recipe, we won’t be satisfied. Yes, yours is a thankless job, Mr. President, but it has to be done. Good luck and see you again in two years.


We The People.

Copyright 2010 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


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