Pre – Ponderance (An Existential Review)

Do I exist? Good question.
Everything begins, and I cannot recall
that assumed point of time when
I came into being. I must not have been
conscious of my own efforts to exist,
thus I must have had no reason for doing so:
I merely went with the flow. Pity.
What use is there in expounding upon
that which is in spite of itself?
Yet, I speak of me . . . .
            I explain, therefore I am.

Copyright 2011 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Pre – Ponderance (An Existential Review)

  1. I rarely ask such questions but i do enjoy the answers .. Maybe one of the days i might need to fall back upon your explaination 😉

    Lovely lines .. I specially loved the last line … but does that mean I am not :O ??


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