Have a Cup of Tea, On Me

Better the devil you know than the devil
you don’t know. — Proverb.

Common Man:
“Government is intruding upon our lives.”

“They take our money.”

“They try to control our behavior,
            to legislate morality,
      to regulate us out of business,
to destroy our values and culture.”

“And they try to protect us too much–
            we don’t need nannies;
      we’re adults not children.”

“No, they don’t even protect the children
            from all the depravity
      and predators out there.”

“They don’t help anyone who needs it.”

“Just look at my poor grandma, slaved
            away all her life,
      never been anything but nice
                  to everybody; she
            can’t afford to retire
or pay for all her medications.”

“They’re a bunch of bureaucratic fat-cats
            sitting on their rears
      talking pointy-headed nonsense
and desecrating our nation’s founding principles.”

“They should be defending our rights
            and our property
      and our money
and the traditional family.”

The government doesn’t do enough,
because the government does too much.
      The government goes bad
      when it tries to do good.
If government costs too much, then
freedom isn’t free enough.

“We used to be free.”

“I’d give my soul for things to be
         the way they used to be.”

Business Man:
“Have a cup of tea, on me.”

“Now, let’s talk finances . . . .”

Copyright 2011 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “Have a Cup of Tea, On Me

  1. I wish I knew the answers to all that. Government. Love or hate? Everyone disagrees what it should be doing or shouldn’t. Yet without out government, what would we do on this crazy planet?

    Better the devil you know than the devil
    you don’t know. — Proverb.

    Well written, Michael…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. maybe this is what we get by delegating most of our decisions to elected representatives? Don’t like the business response either, but perhaps it’s more honest.
    best, Dan


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