Martyrdom in the Face of the Unbearable


Jesus died for everyone’s sins,
But everyone died for Adam’s sins.
Eve endeavored to forestall this
By giving birth to the perfectly innocent child,
But she could not keep him from corruption.
We cannot escape
Even one simple mistake
Like the butterfly whose wings cause a hurricane
Chaos is born all around us.
Yet, I still wish to say that I am sorry:
It’s the only power I possess.

Copyright 2011 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “Martyrdom in the Face of the Unbearable

  1. This poem is very touching, Michael. But there is hope. When Jesus died to pay for the sins of the entire world, His death and resurrection opened up the offer of forgiveness to anyone that would believe. The immutable law of the Old Testament is powerless to condemn us, because the entire penalty was paid by Christ. Grace is now available to all who will accept it by faith in Christ Jesus. We live in a world stained by sin; yes, we do; but there is hope. Blessings to you, Michael.


  2. Michael, this take on creation was good. And your observation that expressing sorrow is the only real power we possess is actually quite on the money. You know I’m a UCC pastor’s wife; you know I follow the words of Jesus, but I don’t take the Bible at face value, ever. It’s an historical document filled with many outdated concepts. (Just ask Oscar Wilde.) Anyway, I figured you would enjoy my irreverent take on the same, Amy.


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