The White Room

. . . but tell me spareness dictates this place, erects solemn
words as a barrier, encircles, envelops by invention–a scheme
derived from the pure concept of grasp.
Whose home now, here?
Not the lessor who only mimics nurture.
Nor its inhabitor who like a sublimation bullies out the air, makes
its pressure deeper – oh! sweet, infernal rebellion.
oh! shaking fists at glass fear. oh! certainty’s
dim tunnel, spiraling . . .

When the white room topples and its sheen disperses, only
shape (the light remains, formless; a box whose points,
whose lines, whose planes no longer reference a static
physicality–the architecture of chaos) shrinks and falls gently
onto the palm of wise, patient Darkness: he
guards it from Denial that cautious fool who stumbles
out of our weariness into the thick pit of recollection
where now so obscured from our vanity we
appear a caution to ourselves against too much self-
love–we then speak of cures
as distant places being etched into our life-won wounds.

Blood tunnels out of the heart to rejoice, speaks thunderous
from the heartbeat–oh! love accelerates without motion–
But tell me spareness dictates this place . . .

Copyright 2011 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “The White Room

  1. Michael, this is some of your strongest work. For me, this is what I received: The White Room is pristine and protected, but essentially a lie, because one is “protected” from Darkness, which is perceived only in contrast to light. Real life is lived in both – we start out in the womb, the safe place – then we come into the world, are protected only so far… and finally, when we are on our own and encounter true Darkness and bloody, real life, we make our choices.

    I truly loved this piece. Hope you know, you made my day by poetically dope-slapping me out of a heat/humidity-induced stupor. Thank you, sir. Amy


    1. That’s more or less where I was going with it…there are a lot of different perspectives on life’s journey…always interesting to see what people have to say on the subject…

      It has been hot everywhere…luckily we’ve been spared the heatwave here in the northwest…

      Thank you much for the comment, Amy 🙂


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