I am intimate with regret.
I know its every fold.

Everyday I pass by the shelf where
it lies, compact, alongside the other fabrics.

Then I open the front door and step outside.
It may be raining. The sun may be
peaking through. The air is always fresher
outdoors, even at night.

Opportunity is only a casual acquaintance
of mine but greets me happily
all the same.

Copyright 2011 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Planogram

  1. …very, very much. ‘Intimate with regret’ is such a brilliant line. Then I looked up ‘planogram’ (haven’t heard that before) and realised what a great title that is. I love the move from ‘every fold’ to ‘other fabrics’. This is one of my favourite poems of yours.


  2. Michael, your poem on regret is so off-handed, so in the groove of the real person burdened with shame. This is how I functioned for years – with a fear of success. “I know (regret’s) every fold,” a marvelous line, since regret doesn’t come as a full, flat sheet, but rather as something with nooks, crannies, hiding places. Excellent. And see my reply from last post on editing.


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