Of Pleasant Winter Days

Ice forms over the gently rolling waters
Of lakes–over the trickling creeks,
Brooks and sloughs–over
The puddled rain standing upon
Roadways and parking lots.

Frost covers these same lots
And roads–layers upon the creaking
Boards of footbridges–frosts
The gray, sloping roofs of houses
And their smoke-puffing chimneys,
Their frigid panes, their manicured lawns . . . .

Winter has laid her hands. Hear her:
Hush–Enjoin the stillness–Rest.
. . . and the gently charging wisps
Of snow begin to blanket
The lifescape.

Copyright 2009, 2012 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


14 thoughts on “Of Pleasant Winter Days

    1. Hi, Michael

      This is beautifully and carefully descriptive. I especially love ‘Winter has laid her hands.’

      (PS: I could only comment on your blog by clicking ‘reply’ to David’s comment; I couldn’t start a new comment. I’m not sure if there is a slight problem with your comment function at the moment?)


  1. This is like, yet unlike, Robert Frost’s “Going Home Through Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Your poem here makes us feel we are already at home and comfy, no matter where we are, no matter the cold!


  2. I agree with Granbee’s comparison to the Robert Frost poem. As I was reading it I felt very refreshed and comforted by the clarity of the description and easy flow of the verse. Sometimes poetry can get overburdened with its effort to be metaphoric and meaningful, but you prove here that just letting it flow from simple observation can make for the most lyrical and profound expression.

    This is one of the best poems I’ve read about winter!


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