Everyone Writes; No One Reads

“…it made absolutely no difference to him
whether it was the adventures of some
amorous hero, a simple primer, or a
prayer book–he read everything with
equal attention; if they slipped him
chemistry, he would not refuse that either.
He liked not so much what he was
reading about as the reading itself, or,
better, the process of reading, the fact that
letters are eternally forming some word,
which sometimes even means the devil
knows what.”
–From Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol.

There once was a blah
Who was looking for blah,
But where does a blah
Find blah?

In blah did blah seek
By blah to Blah Peak,
A climb that blah blah
A week.

And, there did blah find
A blah to ask blah,
For blah blah could blah
His mind:

“If a blah would blah
In a forested blah,
And no one blah blah blah
Then would it blah?”

Thus, the blah heard blah
Exclaiming with blah,
“Well, that is just blah
Blah blah blah!”

Yes, a blah will not blah
When a blah is so blah,
Ergo blah should always
Be blah.


Copyright 2008 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.

The moral of the story: Blah.


10 thoughts on “Everyone Writes; No One Reads

      1. Have you heard of that sentence: Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo?

        It’s grammatically correct because buffalo can be an adjective, verb, and noun.


  1. Always talking, never listening. Always writing, never reading. (Sigh!) So very true of our hectic world. We should first of all LISTEN to ourselves, our own hearts. Then we should READ over many times what we have written! Then we should see if the two (the heard words from our hearts and our written words) match!


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