Deconstructing Poetry, Part 1

A hole in my heart?
A hole in my soul?
A hole in my life?
A hole in my world?

Always, when a blank page sits in front of me, I see a hole,
a vivid nothing. I already know where it doesn’t lead. I easily
fathom its lack of motives. No, what draws me in everytime
is the prospect of the fall.

Freedom. Breathlessness.
Elevation withering away.
The rush of atmosphere.

How do I keep surviving this terrifying plunge? Well: I
stretch myself as I go, become as tall as the chasm is deep.
It’s an act of bravery to rise to the level of the risk. One
day I may open myself up and find that nothing emerges,
and I may perish inside my own artless void.

Yes, it is the wise man
who does not risk,
However it is the wiser
man who in preparation
makes the risk

Prepare for that day. Know your nothing inside out.
Memorize the map of nowhere from whence nothing
came. Remember: it is the hole itself that mesmerizes
–even the largest gap is enveloped by more than it
could possibly contain– . . .

Copyright 2012 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Deconstructing Poetry, Part 1

  1. This so ‘describes’ the creative life, AJ! And so puts it all in its place…insignificance that is everything…some wonderful phrases here…’Know your nothing inside out’…’–even the largest gap is enveloped by more than it
    could possibly contain– . . .’

    I am glad I’ve returned to reading your poetry…it is very powerful!


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