Deconstructing Poetry – Postscript

We revel in endings: discoveries, marriage,
raptures, death, and definitive answers.
But wherefore the questions?

We search for meaning everywhere, in everything.
Why? Because we have no meaning within us?
Nothing to contribute to the world?

Meaning is given. It’s an act of generosity, of contrition
against our terrible beginnings. We build up the world
then tear it back down; only in the third act, when
redemption is sought, does meaning become relevant.

What do you have to answer for (even if only imagined)?
What broken faith? Helpless fear?
Bewildered recklessness?
When will the doubtful ocean crash into an endless seeming
confluence of particulate ideas, settle into an everlong
beach lapped onto only by curiousity?

Answer . . . ?

Words.–Mere words.
If you must not fail, you will not fail.
No matter how the story goes,
For lie or truth
You stand giant amidst it all
A monument
Circling through unknowable clocks then upward:
Expression always has light-years to go.

Copyright 2012 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Deconstructing Poetry – Postscript

  1. Hi Michael, this is a beautiful thought provoking poem. We give meaning to many thngs, where maybe we shouldn’t I will ponder about that! 🙂


  2. A very interesting and beautifully expressed exploration of the poet’s–writer’s–experience…the whys and wherefore’s…all the questions without answers…which doesn’t stop more questioning…

    All of it, but especially the last stanza is wonderful…I love ‘Expression always has light-years to go’


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