Freshly Pressed(?)

Author’s Note: I’ve noticed that WordPress does not feature
poetry (or any kind of fiction writing for that matter) on their
Freshly Pressed list. This annoys me. I thought of ranting
about this fact, but instead decided to write a poem about
it. Cuz, y’know, irony.


WordPress, why am I so depressed?
What dark emotions do you divest
of this poetic rhythm beating in my breast
whose artful birds must flee their nest?

WordPress, why should you declare
that fearless fiction never be there
amongst the scrawlings gathered where
no single eye consents to spare?

WordPress, why revel impulses of shame
at ideas no mere pen could tame,
only seek a paltry stroke of its name?
(Tho many organize to do the same.)

WordPress, why am I so depressed
and how, daresay, to explain it best?
“Ever with fluid grace shall I protest
of the ink too soon you’ve laid to rest.”

Copyright 2012 by Michael S. Marsters.
All rights reserved.

(And lest annoyance has topped its crest,
I’d hope you’ve learned to take a jest.)


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