Our Share of Gravity

Author’s note: I originally wrote this back in late 2007 just before the big global economic crash as part of a commentary on libertarian economic ideas. In light of what happened shortly thereafter, I think this poem holds up really well.

I wonder what the other side of the world
Does to bear the weight
Of our share of the gravity.
Maybe they lock their doors
A little tighter at night.
I would be afraid of spiders,
Nesting out of sight,
And when they come acrawling:

Begin the dream;
Eat; Sleep; Drink;
Laugh; Cry; Think;
Explosively unwind:
The stoutness of the mind.
Do you want to impress?
Assess the mess,
Then dress for success!
Pay for the best;
Just pass the test
To find your chest:
It’s filled with gold;
You’ll break the mold,
And cross the line!
Just pay the fine;
You did the crime;
You knew that time
Was running out:
The craze of doubt!
Go! Go! Go!
Back to flow . . .

The moon called down a futile screed:
“The way we’re going, taking stock,
As soon as now, the ride will end!”
The spiders listened, eyes wide,
But did not suffer distant beliefs.
They turned about and skittered free,
Wild across the starry plain, awailing:

Their money is their innocence;
You can’t take it away!
And, if you even try:
“It’s not fair!”“Please?”
“Why not?” – “I hate you!”
Toil in the coal mine;
Earn for a bigger home
With a wider, longer, greener yard;
Boil in the kitchen;
Prepare the simmering indulgences
With a fire, never sating, never halting
The licking at our heels . . .

In our narrow corner of the world,
I draw you into my arms, hold you close
And know eternal weightlessness.

Copyright 2007, 2012 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


8 thoughts on “Our Share of Gravity

  1. That’s quite a journey you make from the opening stanza to the last; both a very strong; and that conclusion stands very well after the travels along the way. It reminds me of Voltaire’s garden at the close of Candide.


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