Caught Aware

I opened the pages this morning and realized:
we cannot pursue anything
permanent, for nothing immortal has
an accessible path to acquisition.

Maybe that is why we find
death so fascinating: the unfathomable
nature of the lifeless; what has shape, has nuance
but no motion; even the stone, a sphere,

Therefore, I do not define myself by what
I remember,
only by what I’ve forgotten:
the mystery of my once burgeoning self
and the perishing laden upon all forward

I don’t know anything
or I’d have departed this world for stardust
long ago.

Copyright 2013 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “Caught Aware

  1. Michael, thanks for stopping by and commenting at Sharp Li’l. I love this poem. So hard, like you said, to think of anything that is permanent… A very fine singer/songwriter, Peter Himmelman, who sounds a bit like Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam, wrote a song that came to mind when I read this, so I’ll give you the link. Also, that last stanza, the stardust, stunning! Amy
    Peter Himmelman:


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