Ode to Failure?

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed
in imitation. He who has never failed somewhere,
that man cannot be great.”
–Herman Melville


Superlative, anxious falter, how you grace me:
You, the irons in my ambitious fire, thrust deeper
than sorrow into the furious embers;
You, the undetectable fracture in love;
You, the tidal moaning over the graves
of causes deferred.

The silence elongates you, unfurls you
into a shivering frailty. How heavy
your notes. How seizing
your melody.

When the whole world opens wide, I
close my eyes. How alone.
However, your immediate chasm
does not swallow, only invites a root.

I, no riveted tree, no fist from one plot,
Will hide from the sun when I need reprieve,
But even then the horizon, like a flowering limb,
Bends to a precocious whim.


Copyright 2011, 2014 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


8 thoughts on “Ode to Failure?

  1. I love the images that come from the words, the cadence, the emotion that rises and ebbs like an ocean tide. You say much that I barely understand, but your words stir my desire to follow. Blessings to you, Michael…


  2. This one just begs to be read out loud, Michael … such wonderful rhythms and – even on the page – sounds with words. You prove over and over how language is a thing of beauty no matter what it is expressing. Thank you for your visit to my blog – I so appreciate you taking the time and interest. All the best, Diane


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