A Vampire Story for Children

See vampire Vlad.
Vlad is bad.
Vlad drinks blood.
Bad, Vlad, bad!
Now see Joan.
Joan sleeps alone.
Sleep tight, Joan.
Vlad stalks at night.
Vlad sees Joan.
Oh no, Joan!
Vlad creeps up.
Joan wakes up.
Joan says no.
No no no!
Now Vlad bites.
See blood run.
Vlad says yum.
Yum yum yum!
See Joan smile.
What, Joan, what?
Joan has garlic breath.
Eww, Joan, eww!
See Vlad gasp.
Vlad shrivels up.
Bye bye, Vlad!
See Joan laugh.
Laughs are good.
Joan laughs last.


Copyright 2014 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.

Next time: Frankennanny!


9 thoughts on “A Vampire Story for Children

  1. Do you remember some of Dick and Jane’s friends. I can’t remember, but I wish I had a chance to buy some of those readers when I was younger. I think at an auction they’d be heavy hitters.


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