Hello All

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I have been busy working on a couple of books I hope to have available in the near future as well as other projects. Exhausting to say the least.

One of the in-progress book projects is a compilation of poetry with the working title Rhythmic Inertia. I hope to have it available for purchase by the end of the month. I know there aren’t a lot of people who actually buy poetry books, so it is a bit of a quixotic quest trying to sell them to people. I’m fine with that. My goal is not sell thousands of copies but to get on as many people’s bookshelves as I can even if that ends up only being a few dozen people. It’s still a tremendous honor to be recognized in that way by even one person. I would, however, also like to be able to call myself a “paid writer” rather than an unpaid one. I’m very close to that distinction and just need to sell a few more copies of my work to attain that title. That would mean a lot to me too.

So, please consider shelling out a few bucks to make a struggling artist’s day. In any case, happy reading 🙂

Oh, P.S. Also consider buying a copy of my other poetry book Contemplative Moorings. There’s a link to it on my Bibliography page if you’re interested.


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