Clutch Cola (TV Commercial Pitch)

SCENE: A hallway lined with vending machines.

A man approaches a soda machine and buys a can of CLUTCH COLA. He cracks it open and takes a drink. He turns to a woman who is passing by.

      Excuse me.


      You don’t know me, but…I’m Brad Pitt.

The woman looks him up and down.

      I think you must be mistaken. Because…I’m Brad Pitt.

      ANOTHER MAN (popping into the scene.)
      I beg both of your pardons. (emphatic.) I am Brad Pitt.

Succession of CUTS TO various locations, with the shot directly on a variety males and females from ages six to sixty, all holding a can of Clutch Cola.

      I am Brad Pitt!

      I’m Brad Pitt!

      We’re Brad Pitt!

      I’m Brad Pitt!

      THREE OLDER MEN (in unison.)
      We are Brad Pitt!

      TWO YOUNG WOMEN (in unison.)
      We’re Brad Pitt!

CUT TO a broad shot of a large crowd all holding up cans of Clutch Cola.

      CROWD (shouting in unison.)
      We! – Are! – Brad! – Pitt!

1) Popping soda can top.
2) Ice clinking into a glass.
3) Soda pouring from a can (no glass visible.)
4) Mouth sipping from a straw (top of glass visible.)
5) Same mouth (nothing else visible) saying “Aaaaaah.”

SPLIT-SCREEN: A can of Clutch Cola and a still shot of Brad Pitt.

      NARRATOR (voice-over; synced with captions.)
      Clutch Cola. (dramatic pause.) You are Brad Pitt.



Copyright 2014 by Michael Marsters
All rights reserved.


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