Some (Not So) Philosophical Thoughts


1) If, instead of being round, the sun were square-shaped, would light bulbs also be square-shaped? Would clocks be square-shaped?

2) What is dry ale? How can a liquid ever be dry?

3) Are babies considered illiterate? They obviously can’t read, but does the term apply to anyone who can’t read or just those we expect to be able to read?

4) If goats could learn to ride bicycles, would they be able to, unlike human beings, forget how to ride them?

5) What mysterious place do ideas come from? Isaac Newton supposedly conceived of the physics of gravity when observing an apple falling from a tree. What about high-heeled shoes? Did the person who invented them observe a woman getting a tent stake stuck in the heel of her shoe?

6) What if earthquakes are just the tiny vibrations of our footsteps stored together underneath the ground which, after a few decades or so, are suddenly released back upward all at once?

7) And lastly, does anyone know how to correctly use the word pretentious? To oversimplify a bit, it is a word that means finding much more meaning in something than is actually there, i.e. reading a story about a steamboat traveling up a river and believing it is a metaphor for the female reproductive system. Most people use the word to mean “someone who disagrees with me on intellectual grounds”, i.e. you are pretentious because you believe people should use words correctly. So, does using the word pretentious incorrectly imply an act of pretension itself? Am I being pretentious for even asking that question? Are questions themselves often pretentious because an answer is always expected by the asking even if there likely isn’t an answer? Do I question too much? What is a question? Who is to say? What the heck? Why the long face? Who dat? How what who when why which? Huh?

Just thought I’d ask.


14 thoughts on “Some (Not So) Philosophical Thoughts

  1. Yes, you are asking a lot of questions, and good on ya, too. Nothing pretentious about that. Speaking of which – I always thought that the way the word is used means ‘they pretend like they’re so great in the hope of impressing everyone else but there is clearly very little behind that pretension’. – Hey, talking about the word pretentious is indeed quite difficult…(Does using the word ‘indeed’ make you a pretentious snob? Hm.)

    I like your idea that we give things round shapes because the sun is round. 5 and 6 are also particularly insightful; I believe you are right in both instances. What mysterious place do you get your ideas from, by the way?


    1. That’s a good definition of pretentious too…it’s a word that’s a bit hard to pin down…

      Well, we used to use the sun to tell time…and both it clocks are round, so the obvious (and incorrect) inferrence is the clocks are round because the sun is too…

      If I knew where my ideas came from, I’d set up a bottling plant there…I’d make millions I tell ya 🙂

      Thank you very much for reading and commenting


  2. could the round shape of a bulb come from the first ‘blowing’ of glass that came in round forms? You know, it was easier to make and the energy radiated equally … just asking. Did not want to be pretentious… 🙂

    Enjoyed your questions.. do you ever ask about ghosts and the paranormal?
    You like to talk to writers? I have writen two books.. not sure if that makes me a ‘writer’ but my blog talks about books, ghosts, and strange happenings…. if you would like to visit,go to
    or Book Clamor (a wordpress blog)
    or see American Everyman, a wordpress blog that is full of articles written by willyloman….. good reading also.

    I am going to look around your blog for more of your stuff….
    se ya


  3. I immensely enjoyed this post, mainly because I cannot get the image of a goat riding a bicycle out of my head. This caused so much laughing coffee came out of my nose and onto my desk, which I then had to explain to my co-workers.
    And just for record, I think Goats would definitely forget. They are strange creatures with sideways eyes- I don’t trust them.


  4. I’ve always wondered about dry ale. How could it be dry when it’s wet, I would think. It must have some dry quality, which would seem to be in contradiction to what it should be. Dry ale. Is this an oxymoron? There’s another funny word. Michael, you have turned my mind into a twisted state of confusion. Nice work. Not everyone can do that. Blessings to you, Michael…


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