Blog Overhaul

I like how my blog page looks. Unfortunately, I get few visitors to the main version of my blog page. Most people who read my posts do so either through the WordPress Reader or on a mobile device. Either way the left and right sidebars are invisible to most people who visit which is a shame.

I’ve debated about this and have decided to put more visual aspects and more links in the body of my posts which have upto now been mostly restricted to text. This isn’t ideal, in my view, especially since each post will look a bit more cluttered, but I want everything I create to reach more eyeballs as it were, so I’m going to try some different things out in my next few posts and see how they look. Any feedback on the layouts would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your constructive criticism. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blog Overhaul

  1. I don’t use my mobile for hopping around the internet, but I do use the msgs.I know a lot of places give or set up your blog to be accessed by your mobile.. Being bias.. I like your layout, but I only come to read your poems and shorts…


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