Sexism in Ten Words (or More)

Via bspencer:

Succinct, no? And really, the concept of vice, whether ignorance, laziness, indulgence or what all, exists solely to marginalize people, either individuals or groups. This is most obvious when an entire class of people is blamed for some transgression or dismissed for a stereotypical trait as with sexism or racism. It’s less obvious when done to individuals, but it is common for us to excuse behavior of any type from those we perceive as above us. Our peers don’t fair quite as well. Those we perceive as below us, well, they can do almost no right.

Biases are subtle this way, so we usually aren’t able to perceive them within ourselves. For this, I believe the greater part of virtue lies in examining closely our own motives and being honest with ourselves about them. One could certainly do worse than not.

(Cross-posted in The Box Ajar)


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