Thought of the Day (Poetry)

Poetry is not only a collection of words
and the collective meaning emerging from them
but more so an invitation to rectify the boundries
of one’s own mind, blunt as they often are.
Copyright 2015


4 thoughts on “Thought of the Day (Poetry)

  1. Michael, did you pick out the new albums that you liked a couple years back? If you are would you mind terribly reposting? There was one song that had to do with boys sitting on the fence waiting for their call to do something wrong. My computer crashed several times and I appreciated your all your selections if you are the person.. Thanks.


    1. I’ve posted lists of songs and albums a few different times…Unfortunately I don’t have the posts anymore…My best guess for the song you’re referring to would be “The Kids are Ready to Die” by the Airborne Toxic Event…Hope that helps you…


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