Chaos: A Story-ish

The monkey wrapped his tail around the vase and flung it as his fancy favored. Crash! and its pieces fell to the floor now nearly a sheet of detritus. Oh! what prehensile destruction that primate wrought! Oh what wonderful chaos he created that day! Or so thought the clown who had let that monkey loose.

Later, the lawyer examined what remained, shard by shard, and came to a more severe diagnosis: there was nothing funny about chaos! He spent the rest of his billable hours grimly auditioning precedents and meticulous oratory to re-enact that day’s simian ruckus in some great court proceeding. Oh! he would never relent!

The firefighter, however, when sifting through the same remains, observed no flames, no ashes, no scorched anything, and he felt completely useless in their absence. Woe overtook his face. Was he as he seemed: wholly inconsolable? What can one do for such a defeated hero?

Well, you and I just wanted to go to bed.
We were exhausted after a long, arduous day
And would have shortly laid ourselves to rest.
But, life never seems to be that simple


4 thoughts on “Chaos: A Story-ish

  1. Such a curious and imaginative ‘story’ Michael. It can be read many ways I suppose. One that occurs to me is that it might represent Life, with different characters suggesting the various ages of life, the end being rest, with a rueful looking back. But I can think of others too.


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