Election Cycles

Dr. Ben Carson addresses the Republican National Committee luncheon Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)
Author’s Note: I originally wrote and posted this during the 2008 election cycle. It just seems to get more and more relevant every year. Enjoy.
I registered today
For the annually staged insurgency . . .

“Change” buzz-saws the air,
Charisma washing over the crowd;
We swim
In the awe of congregated energy,
Inspired to be inspired–flooded,
Spoken unto:
“My center of gravity solves age-old dilemmas!
The others shovel semantics
To hide their innate apocalypse!
I am the fashion!
The passion!
The valve to the cavity of
Hope . . . ”
But scripted for television,
Mimed for cross-sections,
Demographically insistent with
Sweat and blood scrubbed clean from the suit
Redressing popular passions
That we plunge into . . .

Now, let’s closet ourselves behind the curtain
And pretend we’re the great Wizard,
A booming voice
Calling out the new order!
Yet, we’re only touching glass
Or punching through to gaps
Next to:
Names not people,
Words not compassion,
Promises not trust,
Charisma . . .

I registered today
For the annually staged insurgency,
And I knew
That choice sometimes pretends to be change.



2 thoughts on “Election Cycles

  1. Somewhere along the line I changed from idealistic protester to grumpy old git.

    Your blog Michael could apply just as well to politics this side of the Atlantic



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