Some (Not So) Philosophical Thoughts – Part Deux

Part Deux
(Here is a link to part one of the series.)
1) Why do “prohibit” and “inhibit” mean essentially the same thing? Shouldn’t they be opposites?

2) Physicists often refer to “time’s arrow”. Personally I see time as being Rotini-shaped.

3) If we call trying to catch a fish “fishing”, then shouldn’t we call trying to catch a train “training”?

4) Also, should we refer to being mean as “meaning”?

5) Perhaps we are stardust as Lawrence Krauss once observed. And perhaps as all dust ought to be we were swept out of the heavens for making a mess of things.

6) How many roads must a man walk down before he admits that Bob Dylan lyrics aren’t really that profound?

7) Imagine a door far off in the distance. The wall that the door is built into is one hundred feet high and made of polished stone. A path leading to the door is strewn with crushed gravel. Now look to the sky above and see that it is a thousand colors all at once. Then look back to the wall and see that the door is gone. Now . . . was anything accomplished by this thought exercise? Did I waste your time? Or is it ever a waste of time to engage the imagination? Did I make you think? Or am I being self-congratulatory?

Just asking. For a friend . . .


3 thoughts on “Some (Not So) Philosophical Thoughts – Part Deux

  1. LOL! I am thinking that your friend is on the verge of getting the munchies! Other that that, I am nodding to all of the above — not least of all #6. Seldom is heard a discouraging word about Dylan, but I have been his premier eye-roller for decades. Seems to me he’s more a big ball of whiny than radical life-changer, but I couldn’t say so until the first guy on earth said something unstellar about him — thank you for that!! Twas you who demolished that door!! Yes, you made me think! I hope you don’t regret it, now!


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