On How Life Is (The Weight)

Effort isn’t rewarded these days. By nature, human beings judge success from the lifestyles of the advantaged class. The name of the game these days is convenience. We wish to possess that which will do our labors, so we buy machines and gadgets for every possible use. Don’t like cleaning? We have washers, dryers, self-cleaning ovens, and even robot vacuums. Hate cooking? We have pasta makers, bread makers, frozen entrees, and of course drive-thru windows at fast food restaurants. Too lazy to find something to watch on television? We have DVRs that will record shows without being asked to. We even have convenient ways of doing irrelevant tasks. Cellphone apps number in the thousands. How many will we ever use more than once? But we just have to have them.

In the end, what matters most is the ratio of effort to accomplishment. He who accomplishes a modest amount with minimal effort gains the respect, nay envy, of his peers. He who accomplishes a lot but with a tremendous amount of effort is acknowledged to be accomplished yet dismissed as an anachronism. And we wonder why we produce so much mediocrity . . .

No one is happy with mediocrity. Of course, success has never been analogous to happiness which follows its own peculiar Muse. True happiness is often a lonely game and rarely a source of envy. You must build a world with your own two hands under the weight of disbelief.


5 thoughts on “On How Life Is (The Weight)

  1. True happiness is an individual journey.
    unless, of course, you find people that are walking toward the same destination.

    While most people aren’t happy with mediocrity, the very definition of that word is determined by the status quo. So, really, it’s again up to individuals to decide the standards with which they choose to live their own lives.

    As a personal side note, can we build a world under the weight of our own disbelief?


    1. Yes, that’s true…

      I do think their are some universal standards of mediocrity, lack of substantial effort being one, but you’re that most of them are variable…

      That’s where the effort comes in…it’s a day-to-day struggle…the weight never lets up…you have to want it badly enough…


  2. You’re right. The masses do look to the advantaged to gauge how well they are doing in life. That is a self-made “weight” they load up on themselves. And it’s very unfortunate.

    I personally feel very blessed to use another barometer to measure my success/peace in life. I don’t think I have the desire in me to want to work that hard to get all those “things”. And for that I am grateful.

    And I don’t wonder for a minute why we have such mediocrity in our society…

    I enjoyed reading this essay today, Michael–thanks.


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