Ode to Facebook?

What makes flesh – flesh?
What else flows – like blood?
To what end – either – in a digital world?

I look at the profile I’ve concocted,
my self-rendered, global doppelganger,
and only recognize a spurious form of me
as if I’m staring at a photograph of myself
taken from an obtuse angle.

Yet I do not despair – the soul
has never been an accessible medium.


20 thoughts on “Ode to Facebook?

  1. This is why I am STILL delaying posting a photo of myself (no matter how flattering or indicative of how I work as a writer,etc.) on FB! My soul is put into my words everyday as I write and is incapable of being captured by a camera. You are SO correct! Thank you for the good phrases on this post.


  2. I very much like this! And how true it is, too. The soul can be as inaccessible in real life as it is online. And these lines can be just as apt in real life:

    “and don’t recognize myself well as if I’m staring at a photograph of myself
    taken from an obtuse angle.”


  3. This is so true and deep. How everyone has created a beautiful illusion of their lives on social media, that we hardly get to know the real and important.


    1. There’s that old Andy Warhol line about everyone having their fifteen minutes of fame…It seems that social media has created a new form of celebrity…One that’s very tabloid-y in my thinking…

      At any rate, thank you for the generous compliment πŸ™‚


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