The Scandals Keep Getting Weirder

Dr Ben Carson
I’ve mostly avoided blogging about the election this year because ew. But this little controversy as reported at GQ online got my attention:

[. . .] Trump blithely ignor[ed] local ordinances so he could put a big, [expletive] flagpole up at the Mar-A-Lago club, with his lawyers stating—with a straight face—that a smaller flag “would fail to appropriately express the magnitude of Donald J. Trump’s . . . patriotism”

Ah ha ha ha, as the masses say. If the end of America truly is nigh (apocalypse metaphors are quel en vogue these days) then at least we’ll go out with a bang.


11 thoughts on “The Scandals Keep Getting Weirder

  1. “The Donald.” “Hillary.” Of all the times Ben Carson picked to run, right? Out of all of them, though, I saw only one who could provide new presidential potential, but he’s thought too libertarian like his father. All in all, can we have a do-over?


      1. Powell blew his general credibility by (possibly unknowingly) lying to make the case for invading Iraq. He felt afterward that he had been used by the Bush Administration to justify sloppy intelligence work, but the public just saw him telling the false story with his best, Morgan Freeman gravitas style performance. His reputation has never recovered.


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