Best Songs of 2016

This is my annual round up of favorite songs from the calendar year. I didn’t have nearly the time to find new music this year as it has been for me chaotic and exhausting much of the time. However, here are the five that blared from my speakers the most.

“Running with the Wild Things” · Against the Current
A hard driving pop-punk tune with new-wavey overtones. I love the mix of heaviness and buoyancy in this song.

“Hungry” · White Lungs
Another great mix of melody and discordance. And the most intriguing composition lyric-wise on this list.

“Born for Me” · The I Don’t Cares
Paul Westerberg remade this song from an earlier solo album with another indie rock veteran, Juliana Hatfield. The result is sublime rock and roll.

“The Last Thing on my Mind” · The Joy Formidable
TJF make some of the most epic sounding music without ever resorting to theatrics or overwrought arrangements. This one never fails to move me.

“Adore” · Savages
Brutally subdued is the phrase that best describes this song. Awesome.


Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.

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