The Girl With Three Mouths

I met her a day ago.
Yet a week before that.
(No, a month has passed since then.)
The girl with three mouths spoke to me,
and I am not the same.
Who could not be moved or remain silent
in her presence? A wave of questions
flooded fast into my mind:

What is your favorite color?

“Red,” her first mouth answered;
“Green,” her second insisted;
“Blue!” her third nearly shouted.

What about this weather?

“It’s too cold,” the first mouth complained;
“I wish it were colder. Then, it might snow,”
the second voiced with an audible twinkle;
“At least it’s not hurricane season,” the third
grumbled with a dismissive edge.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“A veterinarian,” the first mouth enthused,
“I want to heal sick puppies.”
“No,” the second argued, “The internet
is where the real money is.”
“We’re going to play pro. basketball!”
the third said, near tantrum, “End of story.”

Finally I wondered on her quality of life:
Do you enjoy having three mouths?

“Yes,” the first mouth averred;
“No,” the second contradicted;
“Maybe,” the third hedged.
And then the three launched into the most
raucous debate over the merits, the pitfalls,
and the downright annoyances of having
a mouth in triplicate.

Who could not be drawn deeper into her
conversational triangle? I had to know.
I had to ask:
Is there anything your three mouths agree upon?

There followed an important pause,
a deliberate moment in which she seemed
not only to put my question to her thoughts
but in which the answer itself seemed to grow.
Even she, I believe, was enlightened by
her thrice-same response:

“People talk too much,” the three mouths
nearly sang in unison.

I considered this wise counsel indeed,
profound in its effect upon me.
That night I cried, tears of joy
streaming down as I partook
a dreamless sleep.


  1. I enjoyed reading this, it can be viewed a couple of different ways, but I think it all comes down to the complexity that exists in every person’s mind.



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