The Ins and Outs (Repost from 2011)

      We are all outcasts.
Somewhere in our history, we aspired
to create a world that could be
everything to everyone but became
nothing to no one.

We are freaks to an ideal,
beasts to peace and happiness,
beggars on the golden avenues
      of progress.
We are warped cogs in a flawless
machine–if only we could be
perfect too . . .

I don’t want that. My only desire:
To hold you, wrap my arms around
      something real,
to fall asleep knowing it doesn’t matter
to you that I am not a better person
than I am.


10 thoughts on “The Ins and Outs (Repost from 2011)

  1. I don’t know how much it was your intention to create mysterious ambiguity in this poem, but that’s how I read it, and it is why I like it so much. The lines I keep coming back to are:

    To create a place that could be everything
    To everyone but is now nothing
    To no one.

    I keep coming back to them because ‘nothing to no one’ could be read as a double negative. And so I read your poem as the writer being unaware that maybe they have created that place and are, in fact, ‘everything to everyone’, which ties in with the idea of me reading intriguing ideas into your poem, that maybe you didn’t know were there…if you follow my somewhat convoluted line of thought! And the final few lines are (unambiguously) lovely.


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