Escape Velocity (Repost from 2011)

“At first you’re trying to fill a hole.
However you come to realize that
It has no bottom.

“You know your capacity to love
Is down somewhere within it,
Yet still you fall–”

This is a terrible thing to think (I know)
Beyond even grieving over,
And when you tell me

That you can’t comprehend my ways,
I admit that I too tire easily of myself,
my hurtful obscurity (self-inflicted.)

Somewhere up there is the light that shines
Upon all things, not to illuminate them
But to mark our places of convergence.

“Take my hand.” Simple.
Yes but it just might allow us
That last needed dose of propulsion.


  1. Ah, lovely and poignant. It reminded me so much of the emotion expressed in Edward Thomas’ poem, ‘And You, Helen’, in which he considers what he would give his wife if it were possible, ending with the lines:

    And myself, too, if I could find
    Where it lay hidden and it proved kind.

    Your lines beginning ‘You tell me that..’ took me back to the Thomas poem. I read yours as a beautiful evocation of similar feelings and emotions.


  2. I could really relate to this and how it reminds me of a certain someone in my life. Your last few words really struck me–just “take my hand”. Oh, wow… surely I can do that. A message here for me today–thank you.


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