The Long Hike to the Beach

Meadowdale Beach is a county park just north of Seattle that requires a moderately strenuous hike down (and then back up) through a gulch which cradles Meadowdale Creek. It’s a difficult but picturesque journey that I’ve undertaken more than a few times. Here are some photos from a recent visit.

The creek slowly emerges from the undergrowth as you venture farther and farther down the trail:


The canopy above the trail at one point looks almost like it was built as a sacred space, a quiet stop along a spiritual journey:

The creek pours out onto the beach and into the Puget Sound:

Along with some broken shells and the requisite driftwood I found a late sea creature still fairly well preserved:

And of course there was a plethora of humans and their pets (excitable dogs of course) at play in the sands. It was an enjoyable day all in all. Worth the strain. Like life itself, a gift not received but discovered.


Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.

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