Robots by Implication?

Note: This post was inspired by the poem Modern Trends


As technology advances, so does comfort.
Mechanical things undertake more and more
Of our burdens . . .

I typed these words on a machine.
I posted them via an assortment of machines.
You view them in a projection from a machine.
(Pardon my dystopian bent,
However a question arises:
When does an organism cross the line
Into existential subservience?)

Perhaps we communicate, you and I,
One human being to another
Aided by an efficient electric enterprise.
And perhaps it is the machines’ volition
To feed each other electrical impulses
In intricate and at times wild patterns.
(Yes, we provide the input; we are
The eyes, ears, mouths and fingers.
But does it mean the same to a machine
As we see, feel and expel it?)

. . . Whose experience predominates?


  1. My hope and expectation is that we are in control. I’d hate to have to figure out what to do if our electronic gadgets somehow took over. What did you say, Watson? You changed the message, Watson. You are a machine, Watson! You are fired! Uh … Cool, Michael.


  2. I wonder…I have read a few articles now about the dangers of AI.
    It really is a huge topic. We so love convenience…

    Sidenote, I am not on Twitter but I just spent a little time checking out your tweets, and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it! lol.


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