In Dante’s Inferno there is very little fire.
At the center of it all, evil is trapped under ice.

(I feel that freedom must be a double-edged sword.
Because then you can be alone and separated
from the world.)

Anxiety is love
that has no means of expression.


  1. Very interesting thoughts Michael.

    I am intrigued by separation anxiety issues and the power of touch. The anxiety felt by mothers and babies for example, back in the day when babies were taken immediately after birth to be poked and prodded then put in cribs away from the mother. Thank God in these times, the baby is put on the mother’s skin as soon as possible.

    I am a twin and my brother and me were separated immediately after birth into separate cribs in the hospital. It still amazes me how important touch is to me, in the way I express empathy and love to others, and in the way it has an immediate effect in calming my own anxiety.


    1. Separation anxiety is something I definitely thought of when writing this. I remember as a kid panicking on my first day of school. I didn’t want to be away from my parents.

      Anxiety as a whole is one of the most difficult things to deal with in life.

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      1. Did you? I relate, I didn’t want to be either.
        I believe we were created for community, and it’s obviously tricky to navigate in a broken world. And to navigate within ourselves etc. Ugh, I agree!

        My brother has started going to AA. I have started reading their “bible” which is really interesting. The community and connection of it is critical, and he, and his new friends all agree how much they appreciate it. I think everyone could benefit from some of the things they do.


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