Some Favorite Song Lyrics

“Ocean Breathes Salty” • Modest Mouse
When the earth folded in on itself/And said “Good luck/For your sake I hope Heaven and Hell/are really there/but I would’t hold my breath”/You wasted life/Why wouldn’t you waste death?

“Goodbye” • Echosmith
You cover up the poison, with poetry/You traded roses and left me sorry/My only grievance is a broken dream/When you finally find yourself/Tell him I said/”Goodbye”

“I Can Only Stare” • Sleigh Bells
You and I, you and I/why aren’t we sharing the breath/’til there’s nothing left but carbon dioxide/Why won’t you let me come over/and do what you want me to?/Ooh/I can only stare/You see, it’s pulling my heart down/I can only stare

“Holy” • Pvris
You put on a faith facade/think you’re holy when you’re not/I hate to break it to you, baby/but you’re simply lost/You can right all the wrongs/just to feel you belong/but simply calling out sins/don’t bring you closer to God/You’re just ghost at most/a set of empty bones/searching for anything and everything/to make you feel whole

“Territorial Pissings” • Nirvana
When I was an alien/cultures weren’t opinions/Gotta find a way/to find a way/when I’m there/Gotta find a way/a better way/I’d better wait

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