The Best Music of 2019

Here is my annual round up of my favorite songs/albums. Happy listening!

“Old Wounds” • Pvris
A slow, grinding but ultimately satisfying look at relationships and our evolution within them. Pvris deliver five great songs on their new EP. This is one rises to the top.

“I Dare You” • The Regrettes
Everyone’s should-be favorite indie pop band is back with an upbeat, slash of a song about young love, and a spunky OK GO-ish video to boot.

“Tokyo” • White Lies
A great comeback by a neo-new wave band that was finding itself stuck in a rut. The album this song is attached to has its ups and downs, but this song is in the stratosphere.

“Running Up That Hill” • Meg Myers
This non-album cover of a sainted Kate Bush song is spot on and the video, hand-colored by more than 3000 children fascinates.

“Sucker Punch” • Sigrid
The debut full-length album by Sigrid is a social-media inspired, casual-dating championing masterpiece. The song below sums up her ethos, both lyrical and musical, perfectly.

“White People Scare Me” • Art Alexakis
The former lead singer/primary songwriter of Everclear dropped a highly uneven solo album which features this superb, out-of-left-field track.

“Violence” • Grimes
Grimes is a singular visionary, often to excess. This song from her forthcoming album stays grounded and simple, where she is at her ethereal best.


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