Pretentious Documentary

Author’s note: I haven’t been able to write much that’s postable lately. I’ve been doing a lot of longform writing meant for other forums, so I’ve been trying to find some fragments and unfinished pieces in my notebooks to post. The one I’m posting today is a script that I started but never finished. It’s very random and hopefully somewhat amusing. Enjoy!


Act Zero, Scene Zero
(Because life does not follow the rules of order.)

(A beach in the morning. The surf calmly laps against the shore.)

NARRATOR: Is this peace?

(The same beach at sunset. The waves are crashing hard. The sky is red.)

NARRATOR: Now is it violence?

(Series of random harsh and chaotic images.)

NARRATOR: Violence is a form of insanity. But not just any form of insanity. It’s a very sane form of insanity. “Contradiction?” you ask. You question too much. Maybe you don’t sit and reflect. Maybe you throw darts at the wall and don’t consider the damage done. Bullseye?

(A dartboard in a dive bar.)

NARRATOR: Matador!

(A matador fighting a bull.)


(A ballerina spinning on her toes.)

NARRATOR: Revolution!

(Series of random soothing but abstract images.)

NARRATOR: She’s dances out the kind of rebellion you can only dream about! This is the circle of life. The oval of existence. The figure-eight of joie de vivre. Think hard and then toss away your thoughts to be swallowed by the tornado of her raison d’etre. Just look. Use your eyes. Even if you’re blind, you’ll watch, mesmerized by nothing, because art is everything!

(A painting. It explodes.)

NARRATOR: Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh . . .

(The end?)


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