A Love Song – Re-post

Guitar intro.

There’s a man out on the street
(I don’t remember which street)
Screaming about the injustice
Of not having enough to eat
Of not having a job to go to
Of fearing for his life

And they just don’t understand
They tell him to go home
(I don’t remember if he has a home)
But he only breaks down and cries

That’s brilliant.
Very astute observations.

Thank you.
I write what I see.

But what can be done about it?

Is there anything we can do
To make the world listen?
Can love truly heal the world?
Do we have enough love anyway?

Muted harmonica.
Ocean waves.

If you’ve never asked these questions
You might need to take to the street
(I don’t remember which street)
And see the man who always cries
It’s his prayer to stay alive

We love you.
You should be a star.
The world needs to hear your message.

Thank you.
That means a lot to me.

Crash of guitars.

But it doesn’t mean a thing
To that man out on the street
(Which street?
Every street?
I don’t remember at all)
Who will never return to his home
Without justice

Piano outro.

Standing ovation.

I love you all.
Drive safely.

Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.

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