I Get Praise Sometimes (Satire)

Blog Details
      Begin Date: March 2010
      Number of Posts: 360
      Number of Good Posts: Six
      Avg. Reader Review: Four Stars

Reader Reviews

“This blog uses a lot of words many of them more than five letters. I didn’t know so many words existed. I was going to buy my son a dictionary but I’ll just have him read this blog instead. Not all the words are in here but enough of them are. I mean who uses the whole dictionary anyway? It’s a lot.”
five star review from reader nerdmom0-0.

“When I first read this blog I said Whoa! And then I said I’m not on a horse! Ha ha. That was just a joke. This blog isn’t really funny but that isn’t always what gets the job done. You know what they say. To make an omlet you have to break a few eggs. And what do eggs have in them? Jokes. I mean yolks. Ha ha. Humor is good for you.”
four star review from reader lolsandwich.

“i can type faster than i can read
i hope this blog is good
i was right”
five star review from reader upsidedownunicorn.

“At first, when I read this blog, I was confused. Then, when I saw that no one was reading it, I knew he must be a genius. They don’t get it, I said, to myself. This dude, must be on a whole other level, like, when is a tree, not a tree? I don’t know, I mean, if it’s not a tree, isn’t it called something, else? I have a lot of thoughts.”
five star review from reader fisherstevensego24.

“When I ran across this blog I could immediately tell how empathetic the writing was. I could so relate. I really saw myself in it. Like it was a mirror. Or a photograph of me. With really flattering lighting. Shot in black and white cuz that’s so sexy. Follow me on Instagram at [removed at request of user].”
four star review from reader pikachuyum433.

“I have no opinoin on the blog but you probably this read review becuz people our sheep.”
three star review from reader notruthforyou.

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  1. Sometimes, your post will knock my socks off. Okay, that’s never happened to anyone, anywhere, but truly, you have very often given me food for thought based on your unique and thoughtful insights. (I give Contemplative Moorings two eyebrows up!) Sometimes, you make me laugh; I like that, too.


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