Other Things to Read

WordPress Blogs
Say No to Clowns. Ebullient decay.
Erroneous Choices. Introspections artistry externalized.
Elleguyence. It’s pronounced “Elegance”!
Yaskhan. Poetry, . . . photography, books, art, philosophy , nature, literature.
The Feathered Sleep. Tigers not daughters
Eyes + Words Words have immense power . . .
Heart String Eulogies. Conjured by Sarah Doughty.
Infinite Living. Hello Beautiful Beings.
Relax–. God even understands cats!
Poetry from John Looker. WELCOME.

Other Blogs
Five Thirty Eight. Nate Silver and Crew break it down.
Lawyers, Guns, and Money. A politics and culture blog.
We Hunted the Mammoth. Surviving the Trumpocalypse.
Roy Edroso. Shackletonian missives from a lonely arctic outpost.
The Rectification of Names. “It’s a question of which is to be master, that’s all.”
A Good Cartoon. Spelling out what political cartoonists really mean.


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