(Books I have loved reading and/or have inspired me to write.)

Crime and Punishment • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
One of the great psychological novels of all time, it is also a slow
burner, a sprawling work, but immensely worth the effort to invest
your time in.

The Dragonlance Chronicles • Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
A fantasy adventure trilogy that convinced me to write a novel. It’s focus
on characters rather than action and moral philosophy rather than simple
good versus evil dynamics made me think differently about what a
fantasy story could be.

The Metamorphasis • Franz Kafka
An exploration of fear and human psychology that is neither tedious nor
exploitative, I fell in love with this story and Kafka’s works immediately.
If I could write half this well, I’d consider myself accomplished.

Gravity’s Rainbow • Thomas Pynchon
The book itself is incomprehensible. However, it has evoked so many
ideas by simply reading a few paragraphs at a time, I keep coming
back to it.


Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.

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