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Stark as Thunder (re-post)

All ends plunge to a desperate depth
While at same time building
Upon themselves to tower over us.

. . . and so, across this quiet plain unrippled
by meandering creatures, unspooked by
restless winds, he saw that mammoth structure,
greying bricks heaped near to the heavens.
He wanted to move closer, unhinge its heavy doors,
enter its cavernous heart, climb to whatever
waited at its peak. He did not.
He could not . . .

Everything ends
Even the most inscrutable puzzle.
Walk a maze until you believe
With robust certainty that
You are hopelessly lost.
Eventually it will expel you
Without a moment’s hesitancy.

” . . . I am not ready for it to end,” he said through fear,
knowing a beginning waited beyond, “Let me only see
what will not fail.” And so, he turned away
from that towering edifice toward the tiniest thing
within sight. He seized his eyes to a deep speck
on the horizon and traveled long in its direction
until he reached the open, uncrossable ocean.

“It is a beautiful thing to watch the forever ebb
and flow,” he remarked over the gurgling splash
of the breaking waves after an unknowable
amount of time had passed, “But why does the sight
fill me with despair?” . . .

He was there,
Stood on that desolate shore,
A monument to nothing
But himself.

Ten Signs You May Be Dating the Wrong Person

1. You feel compelled to read a listicle entitled Ten Signs You May Be Dating the Wrong Person.

2. That’s pretty much it.

3. Seriously, though. If you have any doubts about the long-term potential of your relationship, odds heavily favor those doubts being justified.

4. There likely exists a person in this world who you will not have the same doubts about. You will be confident in your feelings for them from the very beginning.

5. And I don’t necessarily mean you will fall in “love at first sight”. However long romantic feelings take to develop, once the relationship gets going your faith in it will only increase over time.

6. Which isn’t to say that you won’t encounter bumps in the road. Issues will arise. However, instead of making you question whether the relationship is worth your while, these obstacles will motivate you to invest yourself that much more in making the relationship work.

7. That depth of feeling if shared by two people has endless potential for them both.

8. At any rate, that is my amateur love advice. Take it only for what it is.

9. Which is just generally a good practice, especially when it comes to listicles. Most of them are quite stupid.

10. LOL, internet.

The Storm Before the Calm (re-post)

– 1. –
Do you speak to me
out of pity for my station?
I hope so.
The alternative is worse.
Otherwise you could not know
who I am.

– 2. –
Language kills the spontaneity
of expression.
It abrades us into blunt forms
and sewn-together vernacular.
Creativity erupts.
The molten idea shakes out
from passions
built moment by moment
into a tense canon
only inevitable in its evacuation.

– 3. –
For a long time, nothingness
was considered insignificant.
And when that word took meaning,
a fearfulness imbued it, a ward
against the void that certainly
must swallow those who
contemplated it.
When we did understand that
nothingness wasn’t
locked into barren forfeiture
but was fertile ground any and all
potential could manifest
and grow and
nurture within, we knew
ideas for what truly they were:
Creation itself, slowly unfolding
in our eyes.

– 4. –
I, Truth,
live heartbeat through heartbeat.
I, Love,
affirm the caressing pulse
of raindrops over the soil.
I, Sorrow,
blossom beneath the harrowed stars
and generously gentle moonlight.
I, Hope,
leap across every wide open space.

– 5. –
Tomorrow you will know.
Enjoy the anticipation.
The least ostentatious among us
will never relent
in the simple task of meaning
what we say.

Favorite Music of 2018

Yes, it’s time for my annual round up of the songs that I am sick to death of because I have listened to them far too many times this year. Ha HA. Seriously though, take a listen. It’ll be worth your time.

“Volcanic Love” • The Aces
Prince had a brief relationship with Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles in the Eighties. If they’d had four daughters who formed a band, I imagine they would sound like the Aces.

“New Waves” • Dream State
Yes it’s scream-o. But it’s a damn good song about renewal.

“Fugitive” • Halflives
Blistering is not often a word used to describe pop punk. But here we go.

“Play” • The Marmozets
The more obscure and British, the better.

“Disappear” • Tonight Alive
I heard this song back in early January. It defined the first quarter of my year. There were a few ups and a lot of downs. Thank Tonight Alive for getting me through.

“Damned Soul”/”Over It” • RIVALS
I’m including two songs by this band because they are golden AF.

The Myth of Loneliness

Anything fits in my hand
or yours. A wisp of particles
and the grip of energy. Nothing
becomes something (in
new skin.)

I lied and said I loved and lost.
(I don’t know how to love. I lied
about that too.) I know how to
love, like
I have nothing.–yet

my skin, an energy,
a wisp of you, and I
fit your hand in mine.


Nightmares come to me often.
And I’ve been told that your thoughts
don’t determine your fate.
Yet as a creative person
my mind defines much of who I am.
So for a long time I was
terrified of myself . . .

I don’t know what changed.
The nightmares feel real now,
and that’s why they don’t have power.
(I scare in darkness . . .)

I feel safer in fiction
(but don’t we all.)