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In Dante’s Inferno there is very little fire.
At the center of it all, evil is trapped under ice.

(I feel that freedom must be a double-edged sword.
Because then you can be alone and separated
from the world.)

Anxiety is love
that has no means of expression.

Solace (re-post)

Life has a way of grinding you down
until nothing remains beyond despair.

Yet this despondency is merely the dark half
of the satellite that orbits this life.
What soft face gazes upon us
in our nocturnal hours: hope

light undimmed by eternity.

Thoughts About Nothing (re-post)

Nothing is set in stone,
except perhaps for the occasional fossil.

No man is an island unto himself,
though I’ve known a few peninsulas.

There are no absolutes in life,
except for the fact that there are no absolutes.

I may be talking nonsense here,
but sometimes it’s the only sensible thing.

Love Rumination – Version 2

(Author’s Note: This is a reworking of a poem from 2015. The original version can be found here.)


You ask me to justify my desire;
I don’t know its rhyme or reason.

“Why?” is ambered in your eyes.
I wish instead of questions, I found answers
cascading from a depth of feeling, a rush
of momentum no less than mine.

For now,
I can only assure you that I want you in my life,
and that I believe your presence within it
will only nestle love softer within us.

Upon Waking

The rains returned after an absence long enough
to make the world’s yearn for moisture
a distant memory.

(As hunger’s
insatiable momentum, a burning death,
the Phoenix of vital desperation,
the spur of trembling into the earth,
so thirst: the deep howl of mourning
. . . )

I was unprepared. No one teaches you
to fear the mere passage
of time.