A Rant: Poetry

The critique of poetry I’ve heard most often in my nine years of blogging can be paraphrased thusly: “If you have something to say, why don’t you just say it?” I presume this refers to the metaphorical and discursive qualities of freeform writing. My response to this is simple enough:

“I am saying it.”

Beyond the artistic possibilities of poetry, I am mainly attracted to it for the opportunity to express the world as I truly see it, without the imposition of the strictures of grammar and proper phrasing that prose implies. Am I heavy on abstractions in my writing? Yes. Yes. And yes.

Because that is how I see the world.

Perhaps that makes my mind an obscure entity and communication to the average person a near impossible task. However, it is not a failing on my part. Someday we may all meet in the muddled middle and find a deeper understanding of one another. Until then, we all need spaces in life just to be ourselves, and to find comfort from others amidst the confusion of navigating this strange universe.

Poetry is home.

Clickbait Title

On Buzzfeed’s front page this morning:
I watch my fair share of BF’s comedy videos, and they do a lot of well-researched and eminently readable news reporting as well. However, that can make for some very odd juxtapositions.
The age of new media. Whatcanyoudo.

The Scandals Keep Getting Weirder

Dr Ben Carson
I’ve mostly avoided blogging about the election this year because ew. But this little controversy as reported at GQ online got my attention:

[. . .] Trump blithely ignor[ed] local ordinances so he could put a big, [expletive] flagpole up at the Mar-A-Lago club, with his lawyers stating—with a straight face—that a smaller flag “would fail to appropriately express the magnitude of Donald J. Trump’s . . . patriotism”

Ah ha ha ha, as the masses say. If the end of America truly is nigh (apocalypse metaphors are quel en vogue these days) then at least we’ll go out with a bang.