Ten Signs You May Be Dating the Wrong Guy

1. You feel compelled to read a listicle entitled Ten Signs You May Be Dating the Wrong Guy.
2. That’s pretty much it.

3. Seriously, though. If you have any doubts about the long-term potential of your relationship, odds heavily favor those doubts being justified.
4. There likely exists a person in this world who you will not have the same doubts about. You will be confident in your feelings for them from the very beginning.
5. And I don’t necessarily mean you will fall in “love at first sight”. However long romantic feelings take to develop, once the relationship gets going your faith in it will only increase over time.
6. Which isn’t to say that you won’t encounter bumps in the road. Issues will arise. However, instead of making you question whether the relationship is worth your while, these obstacles will motivate you to invest yourself that much more in making the relationship work.
7. That depth of feeling if shared by two people has endless potential for them both.
8. At any rate, that is my amateur love advice. Take it only for what it is.
9. Which is just generally a good practice, especially when it comes to listicles. Most of them are quite stupid.
10. LOL, internet.
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A Blind Man Gains Sight

I knew the heat;
I knew its effect on the blood;
But I did not until now
   know the intensity, the light,
   the brutal orb that is the sun.
Oh God, it is burning away!
When will it plummet from the blue,
   its ashes my tears?
      (Yes, I am the one grieving.
      I’d waited so long for something
      that never would appear.
   Your world does not gain clarity
   from expanding one’s senses.
No wonder it is to us the mere pursuit of
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