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I recently spent a couple of days in Bremerton, WA which is a (relatively) small town on the western shore of the Puget Sound. Most of my time was spent indoors because of rain. However I did manage to get a few photos during the sunlit portions of the trip.

Here is the sunrise over the downtown marina.
Bremerton Marina

And a seabird that pestered me for food at said marina.
Bremerton Marina 2

The town itself is quaint and has some gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains.
Olympic View

Olympic View 2

Bremerton has a rather unique and stirring memorial to the 9/11 attacks.
911 Memorial

911 Memorial 3

911 Memorial 2

Finally a couple of nature shots from Ilahee State Park.

Ilahee 2

I hope to travel around the Puget Sound area more this Spring and Summer. Also I need to get a new camera. These were shot on my phone. Here’s to 2018 being the year of adventure.


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