Contrary to Popular(?) Belief

One of the greatest and most succinct pieces of advice–“Be yourself!”–also is inherently contradictory. It both attempts to affect another person’s behavior while simultaneously advising against being influenced by other people.

This is essential humanity. We are born dependent. We are social creatures our whole lives. We fear dying alone . . .

Yet we are strongest as full individuals, unique and authentically autonomous.

The tension between these two opposing ideals defines so much of the human experience. We must love ourselves, love others, and be loved–a truly monumental task to set ourselves to.

I say this knowing you probably shouldn’t listen to me or cannot hear me among the million voices in the opinionated crowd. But it is who I am . . .

A Shot in the Dark

A question has rattled around in my mind for some time:

How could one tell the difference between an ordered universe and a completely random one?

These might seem like two very different entities. However, both types of universes would contain persistent patterns and phenomena. In the former, the persistence would be the result of established forces. In the latter, just the result of sheer chance.

Do we have the analytical means to tell the difference between these causes?

Think about it. The limits of human knowledge are more constricting than they initially might seem to be.

Advice for the Vapid at Heart

The best piece of advice I ever got was “Follow your own instincts.” Because what else do we have really? I’ve probably been advised to do almost everything and its opposite by one person or another along the way. For good or for ill, you can only live with the decisions that are truly yours, the one’s that come from the most authentic parts of yourself.
Even Kim Kardashian needs to be Kim Kardashian. In the end, the only true emptiness is not knowing who you are.