Red Skies at Night . . . But This?


This picture doesn’t come close to capturing it, but the sun is a hazy red around here because of massive wildfires. Not as bad as Los Angeles is faring at the moment or the Gulf States for that matter. But chilling.

At any rate, my job has been a nightmare of long days lately and my wrists have been killing me, so I’ve not been on here much the last couple of weeks. Hopefully normal posting will commence soon.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me.


Good News/Bad News

Dr Ben Carson
In the midst of an article posted on Five Thirty-Eight about job and wage growth in the U.S. economy, the author drops this little nugget of a statistic:

U.S. employers added 209,000 jobs in July . . . [which] marked the 82nd straight month of job growth, a record.

Quite the long haul of growth indeed. However, positive aspects aside, this just underscores how deep of a hole the economy was in that such a streak of ameliorative activity was necessary to get us to the current adequate moment. The U.S. economy is doing well but not overwhelmingly so.

The good news is that we’re not messing things up and going into negative territory again. The bad news, nearly seven years into the recovery much damage remains.

Contrary to Popular(?) Belief

One of the greatest and most succinct pieces of advice–“Be yourself!”–also is inherently contradictory. It both attempts to affect another person’s behavior while simultaneously advising against being influenced by other people.

This is essential humanity. We are born dependent. We are social creatures our whole lives. We fear dying alone . . .

Yet we are strongest as full individuals, unique and authentically autonomous.

The tension between these two opposing ideals defines so much of the human experience. We must love ourselves, love others, and be loved–a truly monumental task to set ourselves to.

I say this knowing you probably shouldn’t listen to me or cannot hear me among the million voices in the opinionated crowd. But it is who I am . . .