Fun with Google Autocomplete

It’s funny sometimes what people search the web for. Happily we have Google autocomplete to give us some insight into the minds of the average web denizen.


I’m not sure why people would be particularly worried about kicking the bucket in Canada, but apparently many people are. And the “in the game” bit seems to be a reference to the movie eXistenZ which, if you’ve never seen it, is about a virtual reality game that seems far too real.


Some people seem to not know the difference between Google and Alexa. At least they didn’t add “b****” to any of the entries.


“It’s five o’clock somewhere” goes the old saying. And if true, then Google should know where, right? Then there’s the pronoun abuse . . .


I really, really, really, really wanna know exactly how many people didn’t know what a woodpecker is.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had an absurd autocomplete experience.


  1. It’s frequently amusing and occasionally astounding what some folks have searched for –and even when Google suggests/autocompletes your search based on one letter!


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